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make your careers site accessible to everyone.

When you add the accessiBe widget to your careers site and application forms, it means that diverse applicants with additional needs can access your vacancies.

who does acessiBe help?

blind users icon

blind users

acessiBe scans, analyses and interprets elements on the page, and provides full context to screen readers, allowing blind users to navigate your site and forms accurately.

motor impaired icon

motor impaired users

accessiBe makes websites completely navigable by keyboard. People with motor impairments can use the keys to do everything from closing popups and forms to opening drop downs and menus.

cognitive disorders icon

users with cognitive disorders

The widget includes a built-in dictionary for quick definitions and references. For orientation and focus-related needs such as ADHD, acessiBe allows users to switch on adjustments that highlight important links and elements.

epileptic icon

epileptic users

epileptic users can easily find a 'Seizure Safe' profile which will  freeze any and all flashing GIFs, animations, videos, or patterns that could trigger people with photo-sensitive epilepsy. Individual adjustments exist as well for singular modifications.

visually impaired icon

visually impaired users

Users can adjust the design and UI of the site. Adjustments include; scaling, sizing, spacing of text, saturation, contrast, as well as orientation adjustments such as enlarged cursor and emphasized titles.

hearing impaired icon

hearing impaired users

accessiBe has a dedicated team of experts that provide not only closed-captions for videos but also sign language interpreters.

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do it because it's the right thing.

Accessibility is important, that's why governments around the world are making it a requirement for websites to meet certain standards. Here at hireful we know that it is more important than just being compliant which is why we have partnered with accessiBe to make our career sites and application forms exceed these standards. We love accessiBe and think their motto sums it up really well; 'don't just do it to be compliant, do it because it is the right thing to do'.☝️

want to see it in action? check the bottom right corner...

Looks good eh? And, it's incredibly helpful to so many people with accessibility needs. So for an annual fee of £750, which works out just £2.05 per day – you can add this handy tool to your own careers site pages and application forms. It's a no brainer really isn't it?


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