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advert copy

Create attractive and impactful adverts that stand out from the crowd.

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MI data

Understand how to capture, analyse and take action with your MI data.

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Ensure all new hires feel excited to join and have what they need to succeed.

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Keep your applicants engaged with helpful and friendly messaging throughout the process.

candidate journey

Build an awesome experience for all your applicants from application through to offer and beyond.

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Glassdoor / Indeed

Design a strategy to encourage more reviews, get on top  of replies and utilise the full potential of Glassdoor & Indeed.

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inclusive recruiting

Build a recruitment strategy that attracts applicants from all parts of society and minimises the negative effects of bias.

careers site

Create the right content to inform, engage and perhaps even entertain candidates visiting your careers site.

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interviewing (coming soon)

Have all your interviewers able to deliver a consistent and professional interview experience.

managing hiring managers (coming soon)

Get everyone rowing in the same direction. Use your own and benchmark data to educate managers on what you need from them and why.

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social recruiting (coming soon)

Tell your employer story via social media to allow candidates a peak behind the curtain of your organisation.

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assessment (coming soon)

Ensure you're making both the best and the fairest recruitment decisions by building assessment into your process.

workshop: mastering the candidate experience – a hiring manager's guide

With our Hero plan, empower hiring managers to meet candidates' expectations, ensuring an honest and helpful journey for all, and ultimately boosting your employer brand for a smoother hiring process.

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webinar: elevate your candidate experience with hiring managers (coming July 2023)

In this 30 minute webinar, we will help your hiring managers to learn and develop new skills, keeping them up-to-date with the latest best practices in recruitment and candidate experience. Effective communications and teamwork in the recruitment process can lead to greater success in securing top talent for their teams.

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recruitment success starter kit

Boost your recruitment success with our starter kit: Get 2 personalised 1-hour sessions to enhance your candidate communication, improve candidate interactions and create a remarkable candidate experience. Then uncover MI data-driven strategies for understanding & improving your recruitment processes. Discover your recruitment success potential today.

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