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Our recruitment success team has the experience, tools and skills to help you to achieve your recruitment objectives. Complete each module to unlock your recruitment performance.

kick-starter modules

available on our go, grow, pro and hero plans

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improving your candidate communication

Boost your recruitment success with this personalised 1-hour session to enhance your candidate communication, improve candidate interactions and create a remarkable candidate experience.

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getting started with MI data

Let’s dive into the world of recruitment data and explore its importance in providing insights into getting the best from your recruitment process.

recruiter modules

available on our grow, pro and hero plans

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advert copy

Create attractive and impactful adverts that stand out from the crowd.

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MI data

Understand how to capture, analyse and take action with your MI data.

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Ensure all new hires feel excited to join and have what they need to succeed.

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Keep your applicants engaged with helpful and friendly messaging throughout the process.

candidate journey

Build an awesome experience for all your applicants from application through to offer and beyond.

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Glassdoor / Indeed

Design a strategy to encourage more reviews, get on top  of replies and utilise the full potential of Glassdoor & Indeed.

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inclusive recruiting

Build a recruitment strategy that attracts applicants from all parts of society and minimises the negative effects of bias.

careers site

Create the right content to inform, engage and perhaps even entertain candidates visiting your careers site.

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interviewing (coming soon)

Have all your interviewers able to deliver a consistent and professional interview experience.

managing hiring managers (coming soon)

Get everyone rowing in the same direction. Use your own and benchmark data to educate managers on what you need from them and why.

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social recruiting (coming soon)

Tell your employer story via social media to allow candidates a peak behind the curtain of your organisation.

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assessment (coming soon)

Ensure you're making both the best and the fairest recruitment decisions by building assessment into your process.

hiring manager modules

hiring manager module: mastering the candidate experience – a hiring manager's guide

Empower hiring managers to meet candidates' expectations, ensuring an honest and helpful journey for all, and ultimately boosting your employer brand for a smoother hiring process.

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hiring manager module: elevate your candidate experience with hiring managers

In this 30 minute webinar, we'll help your hiring managers to learn and develop new skills, keeping them up-to-date with the latest best practices in recruitment and candidate experience. Effective communications and teamwork in the recruitment process can lead to greater success in securing top talent for their teams.

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Recruitment is a really busy part of my role and one that I really enjoy. However, recruitment does come with its challenges, and in more recent times some vacancies may not receive the number of applications we had hoped for. I therefore signed up for the Advert Copy Module to see where improvements could be made to our adverts, to try and make them as appealing as possible to applicants, also for development and to ensure we are following best practice. During the advert copy module I have reviewed our current ad, looked at advert templates, learnt about best practice; the ideal length of the advert, the layout & language used, and how to write a good advert; what to include and what to avoid and also amended our own advert in line with the guidance. From what we have worked through so far it has highlighted some areas we can easily change within our own adverts to make them more appealing to potential applicants.

HR Advisor,

Childrens Hospice Southwest

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I signed up to the advert copy module as although I have done recruitment for a long time, have never really had any training. We have also been struggling with applicant numbers for some roles, so though the course may help with knowing how to write adverts more effectively to attract candidates. I have been able to update some of our advert templates to make them more attractive to applicants and relevant. Since changing our adverts we have had an increase in our applicants.

HR Advisor

Quotation marks yellow

I initially signed up because I was keen to develop and improve the job ads at my company, which really read like a job description and I wanted to do a better job of selling the company and describing the role. From completing the advert copy module I have been able to completely redraft my job adverts and I'm using what I've learned to create a suite of job ads that I can have ready to go when I next recruit that role. Following the work I did with Ben to look at my job ads, I posted the ad we had been working on for a live vacancy. We had over 100 applications and shortlisted to 8 for interview. I've received so much positive feedback from the hiring manager and senior managers about the quality of the advert. I was also able to use the knowledge I'd learned from Ben to explain why the ad had been written in a particular way and was able to demonstrate the reasons why I'd made certain decisions (e.g. to change the job title to something more searchable). In short, the module with Ben was brilliant, and I would recommend it to everyone!

Sarah McElhinney

Head of Human Resources, EMEA

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I found the sessions really useful and quite eye-opening in expanding my scope of how we hire and recruit as a company. A great success all round, so thank you for your time! i’ll definitely be taking a look into the report findings and further into our reporting data in hireful to identify those key areas we can use for better success, especially around our application completion success rates.

Taylor Launt

operations coordinator, x+why