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We are a close-knit, helpful, knowledgeable, super friendly & straight-talking team of very experienced recruitment consultants. We do recruitment, NOT sales & we work tirelessly to provide our clients with the talent they seek.  🎯

Do you need that little bit of “extra” that comes from engaging a full-service recruitment agency?

Don’t have the time or resources in house to do this? Tricky, specialist role that needs some in-depth attention? Just want to talk to someone about salary benchmarking / is my job description suitable / can you give me some advice on how to look for this or just how is the recruitment market at the moment?

We’ve got you covered.


We are that “extra”.

The sprinkles on top of the cake. The clover pattern on your Guinness. The super technology & aircon pack for your car. The…, well, you get the idea.

We are very different to your “average” agency recruitment consultancy though!

Sure you are. We’ve heard all this before. Go on then, what does make you different?

Glad you asked!

Aside from some Tech’ companies that we’ve worked with for years & years, almost ALL of our clients are referred to us through the ATS, HR partners & participants of our webinars & awesome recruitment training offerings.

We are there if you need us & ONLY if you need us.

This means that our team of consultants have to do very little, if ANY, “New business development”.

We are recruiters, not salespeople, who focus on filling your roles, providing exceptional candidate experience & acting as an extension of your HR & talent team.

An added benefit of this, is that our team attract & are made up of very experienced recruitment industry individuals who love the candidate, client & recruitment delivery aspect. Having a happy, productive & motivated team, equals results for you too – no stupid call targets or KPI stats – just recruiters, recruiting for you!


We offer a Generalist, cross industry recruitment service but also have specialists within the team.

Liza is your lady for charity / NFP & HR partners. Ask Liam or Matt for any IT / Tech’ stuff. Anthony has you covered for any sales or customer support roles.  

In short: We are here to help you recruit better.
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