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Glassdoor for employers: how to optimise Your company's page.

Building a Glassdoor reputation helps you to secure high quality candidates while making recruiting cheaper. This post covers how you can optimise your Glassdoor page.

Eighty-three percent of job seekers use Glassdoor to help them decide if they want to work at your company or not. On top of that, 89 percent of Glassdoor users are looking for a new role, so optimising your company page is critical if you want to attract the best talent.

This post looks at everything you need to improve your Glassdoor page. We'll cover how it works and some best practices.

How does Glassdoor work for employers?

Glassdoor is a website allowing former and current employees to post reviews about your company anonymously. Employees can also post information about your interview process and  salaries for potential applicants to view before applying.

A good reputation on Glassdoor is essential because it'll make your hiring process more straightforward. Potential employees can see how happy and fulfilled current employees are, so they're more likely to apply. 

You can also make sure as many applicants as possible see your Glassdoor rating by including it in your advert copy, applicant emails and on your career site. We are lucky enough to have a solid Glassdoor rating so we advertise this on the home page of our careers site.

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. If applicants see negative reviews from former employees, it may discourage them from applying.

Glassdoor best practices for employers

Here are some helpful techniques you can implement immediately to optimise your Glassdoor page.

Create a Glassdoor employer’s account

If you already have a Glassdoor account, you can skip this step. However, many new Glassdoor employers don't create accounts properly. They'll omit important information, which hurts credibility in potential employees' eyes.

First, head over to and enter information like:

  • First and last name
  • Company name and title
  • How many jobs are available
  • An email address

You also want to add the five more critical pieces of information applicants are looking for:

  1. Compensation benefits and monthly salary
  2. A detailed explanation about benefits
  3. A paragraph or two covering the pros of working with you
  4. Company missions, values, and vision for the future
  5. Basic information like address, number of employees, competitors, and revenue

Making this available with a quick search shows transparency and sets you apart from competitors.

Actively manage your Glassdoor page

It helps to have someone manage your Glassdoor profile because it ensures everything is up to date. Responding to reviews quickly with an employee in charge shows your brand cares about workers’ well-being.

This active management also helps when hiring talent because you can tailor your company page to appeal to certain professionals. For example, if you're hiring marketers, add sections that'll appeal to talented marketing professionals.

You could talk about a compelling baseline salary, bonuses for high conversion rates, and growth within the company.

Encourage employees to write reviews

Next, ask current employees to write positive reviews so you can kickstart your Glassdoor campaign. This way, new employees will want to work with your company due to your culture, work satisfaction, and attractive bonuses.

But you might be wondering how to ask employees for Glassdoor reviews. Well, ensure that employees don’t write surface-level reviews. Instead, encourage them to be specific and detailed. Have them list out what they like about working at your company. This could be:

  • Having a say in important decisions
  • Not having management micromanage their tasks
  • Getting career development opportunities

Always respond to employee feedback

You never want to leave reviews without feedback. Even if someone posts a bad review, you'll need to reply politely. It's not a one-way conversation. You can turn bad reviews into constructive feedback that allows your company to improve. 

A good template is to thank them for their review, apologise, and explain what you're doing to avoid future issues. 

Promote your Glassdoor page on social media

Use social media to promote your Glassdoor page and attract employees. Because almost the entire hiring process takes place online, an optimised social media page and promotion strategy can save thousands of pounds in hiring costs.

On your Facebook or Twitter account, paste Glassdoor links to positive reviews. You could also link to job openings. If this page contains the necessary information listed above, like benefits and compensation, you'll increase your potential talent pool.

Be patient

Like optimising your website for SEO, improving your Glassdoor company page takes time. 

But once you've built a good reputation on Glassdoor, hiring will be easier and cheaper. You won't have to advertise much and hunt for talent since your Glassdoor page will do this for you.

Attract the best talent with hireful

If you're looking to optimise your Glassdoor page, you need to actively manage and update it, encourage current employees to write reviews, respond to feedback, promote your page on social media, and be patient.

At hireful, we make it easy to hire new talent without increasing your recruitment or HR team, saving thousands of pounds. Learn more about hireful by contacting us today.

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