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using better tools when recruiting leaders who need to perform at high levels

Conscious Leadership Co.
The Conscious Leadership Company (TCLC for short) was born from a passion for helping leaders not only succeed but truly thrive in their roles, and our leadership development platform is disrupting traditional leadership training. We use technology to continuously allow leaders to reflect and track how they feel so they can transform their leadership style and contribute to an overall healthier workplace.

We take a look at some key online recruitment tools for HR departments tasked with hiring leaders.

In today’s world of business, employees are the most vital aspects of any company and are the pillars to any company's success.

With the Human Resources department often responsible for choosing the right candidate, there is even more pressure on HR staff to ensure that new leaders perform at the highest levels.

The responsibility of recruiting leaders is not an easy process for any HR department; for most companies, this can be complex and time-consuming due to reviewing lots of CVs, arranging interviews, and overseeing the overall onboarding process. In situations like this, the help of modern software tools goes a long way. So, why not utilise these resources?

Read on below to see the benefits of using better tools throughout your recruitment process.

what exactly are recruitment tools?

Recruitment tools are designed to help streamline the process of hiring. These recruitment software tools are HR’s best friend because of the strain they take off HR personnel during the recruitment process.

different types of recruitment tools.

We’ve broken down the types of recruitment tools that you can use throughout a hiring process:

1) online job boards

Using trusted online job boards will help you find the right candidates with the right skills. Examples of well-trusted recruitment tools or career sites are Indeed, Reed and many more.

2) using psychometrics

Conventional Psychometric tools can be used to assess a candidate’s ability. A psychometric tool can measure skills, aptitude, personality and behavioural characteristics. Up-to-date Psychometric assessments such as TCLC’s Conscious Leadership tool helps to predict wellbeing, burnout, and performance more than any other personality measure available on the market.

3) video interviewing

Video interviewing is not just about asking the candidate questions remotely. It can be used as an efficient tool for assessing facial expressions, choice of words, tone of voice and much more. The most widely used video call programs are Zoom or Google Meet. 



why are these beneficial to use when recruiting leaders?

  • Saves time (time is money!)

Time is precious and can be costly. While HR can screen a limited number of resumes in a talent pool, these tools can sift through a ton, saving time and shortening the process.

  • Cost-effective

Tools that help with the recruitment process are very cost-effective, especially as free tools also exist, saving the company money in the long term. 

  • Efficiency

As these tools are automated, they are highly efficient in filtering potential candidates. Results can be gathered quickly and responses sent to applicants swiftly, allowing HR staff to focus on other tasks.


We hope this has helped you establish what recruitment tools are and their importance throughout the hiring process.

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