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Cloudland uses the power of video to sell your stories to both potential candidates and internal talent.

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how Learning Tree increased job
board visibility appearing in the top 10% on all job boards

embrace transparency and authenticity.

Gone are the days where glossy content is enough to attract and retain talent. Candidates are looking for content that shows your real culture, values and work environment.  

Videos are a strong way to showcase the day-to-day in your company and show that both your mission and value statement is common practice instead of just written words.

forever content, made for
your recruitment needs.

These videos are evergreen content to be used on your career site,
LinkedIn, and other talent attraction channels.  

“Creating employer branding videos is a brilliant way to showcase your company's culture and attract top talent who really fit in. These videos give potential hires an authentic look at what it's like to work at your company, from the environment to the core values and the team they'll be joining. By highlighting what makes your company unique, you'll draw in candidates who align with your mission and vibe, leading to a more engaged and motivated workforce.”

– George Nagy, owner of Cloudland.