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Rachel Doyle
Head of Marketing

How can I capture workplace diversity data in recruitment?

Are you struggling to capture diversity data from your job applicants? You're not alone! It's not uncommon to face difficulties in getting candidates to opt-in and provide this information voluntarily. In fact, for hireful’s ATS customers, only 17% of candidates choose to share diversity data. Now with diversity recapture, organisations are on average experiencing a 78% completion of diversity data. Now you really can track how your recruitment process is performing.

It's tough to commit to affirmative action and make meaningful decisions when based on such a small percentage of available data. It's not very transparent and it is challenging to measure the effectiveness of diversity sourcing. This lack of data poses a challenge, leading to judgments and decisions being based on a small dataset. This is what made us determined to build a solution that would benefit users of our ATS.  

We understand that businesses are facing challenges when it comes to capturing D&I data. That's why we've developed our own solution to help our customers improve their data capture rates. We want to ensure that all of our customers can recruit more inclusively, regardless of the  plan that they are on, which is why this feature is available to all customers from Go to Hero.

Sean Maher, CEO hireful

How can I capture diversity and inclusion data from more of my applicants?

hireful's ATS has a solution to increase the amount of diversity data you capture from your job applicants. The first step is to build a standalone form to capture diversity and inclusion data, making it easier for candidates to provide the information. The second step is to email all applicants who apply via "easy apply" routes and ask them to also provide their diversity and inclusion data. This way, even those who apply with a single click will have the opportunity to provide their diversity information. The third and optional step is to email all applicants selected for an interview who have not provided diversity data. This encourages completion of the form when candidates are most engaged in the process. By sending a more personalised email that explains the importance of the data and how it will be used, it is hoped that this will drive an additional increase in data capture at a point when candidates are most engaged.

This three-step process enables you to recapture valuable diversity data, supporting analysis of your recruitment processes and informing future decision-making. By implementing this process, organisations can make better-informed decisions and promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Why do I need to track workplace diversity?

Diversity and inclusion are crucial aspects of recruitment. Having a diverse and inclusive organisation not only impacts your company culture, but it also influences your organisation's performance as a result. When you bring together a diverse workforce you capture different perspectives, knowledge and skills and you're more likely to achieve the best results for your customers whilst influencing the bottom line. However, attracting a diverse range of candidates is only half the battle. It's also important to capture the necessary data to support diversity and inclusion, identify what is working and what needs to be improved to drive effective workplace diversity.

Why am I not getting candidates completing my diversity and inclusion capture form?

One significant contributor to this issue is the rise of "easy apply" options on job boards. These options allow candidates to apply with a single click, providing data that is already included on that job board. They don’t leave the job board, they never see your careers site or application form. So they never get a chance to provide their diversity data. However  you shouldn't stop candidates from applying this way. After all, they demand an easy way to apply to your company, and it helps ensure that you're making it easy for them to apply. But, meeting their need for speed is likely to be at the expense of data capture.

What is a good solution for capturing diversity and inclusion data in recruitment?

Increasing diversity data capture rates is essential in creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce. With hireful’s ATS, you can increase your diversity data capture rates and make more informed decisions in your recruitment process. This solution is available to all customers regardless of the plan they're on. By taking this step, organisations can make better-informed decisions and promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

By encouraging more businesses like yours to have access to more accurate D&I data, we’re hoping that you’ll be able to improve your recruitment processes based on reliable data and create more diverse and inclusive workplaces.  

I have the data but what can I do with it?

It’s not enough just to have a better dataset we want you to take action with it. This is why we have built a recruitment success programme we can walk you through 1-2-1 to help you build a more inclusive recruitment process.  

But it’s not just about your data. It’s important you can benchmark your attraction and selection processes to ensure you are attracting an applicant pool that is representative of your catchment area. This is why we have built you benchmark reports that allow you to compare your applicant diversity against the data captured in the 2021 census.

"We recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion in recruitment and want to ensure that our customers have access to the best possible tools to achieve this" "We believe that this new feature will you to capture more diversity data and make more informed recruitment decisions."

Adrian McDonagh, co-founder at hireful.

Partnering with hireful

If you're struggling to capture diversity data from your job applicants, don't despair! hireful has got your back! We’re determined to solve the problem of diversity and inclusion in recruitment which is why we are working hard to develop new features that will enable you to track, adjust and resolve any D&I challenges in your recruitment process.  

Other providers look to make diversity related features available only when you upgrade plans. hireful is committed to helping as many organisations as possible recruit more inclusively and will never look to charge extra for the D&I related features we have built. Schedule a 15-minute introduction call today to learn more about all our D&I related features and how our ATS can help you to recruit better.

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