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excellent career page examples for growing companies.

Your career page can make or break your relationship with top industry talent. In this post, we’ll go through seven career page examples for growing companies.

A company career page is the first touchpoint between you and potential talent. This is why it's crucial to present your business in the best possible light while showing candidates why they should work for you (besides the financial gain).

To give you some inspiration, this post covers seven career page examples for growing companies. We'll also look at what these pages do well, areas for improvement, and some key takeaways.

what is a career page?

In short, a career page is a web page that allows potential employees to find out if they fit into your company based on culture, corporate values, and missions. Company career pages also have a clear call to action so job seekers can view all vacancies.

1. hireful

This hireful career page example gets straight to the point so readers don’t have to scroll through thousands of words trying to understand your brand.

It's effective because it prompts visitors to join hireful on social channels like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

By following your social media pages, prospects can build a relationship with you before applying. They also get a feel for the company culture and can contact current employees to learn more about their work experience.

2. CIM

The first thing you’ll see on the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) careers page is a candidate charter that ensures all workers are treated fairly. 

If you scroll down, you'll find an eye-catching design listing values like:

  • Equal opportunity
  • Fair treatment
  • A work-life balance

CIM also collects onboarding feedback, and they’re constantly trying to improve based on this feedback.

The FAQ section answers most job seekers' questions, and CIM Careers regularly adds new answers based on what applicants ask during intro calls. 

3. netflix

The Netflix career page stands out because they've turned it into a D&I (diversity and inclusion) page, attracting talent across different cultures, races, genders, and countries.

This allows candidates to visualise the diversity of the workforce. There are graphs covering gender and ethnicity, so job seekers understand that everyone has an equal opportunity to join

Netflix, regardless of race or gender.

The only drawback is that this page is over 4,000 words long, which can turn visitors away. Instead, we suggest keeping text to a minimum. 

4. pinterest

Job postings and career pages that include video content receive 36% more applicants than those relying on text. Pinterest understands this, so they've added an immersive video looking at company history, employee testimonials, and frequently asked questions.

If your job postings aren't attracting the quality or quantity of applicants you’d like, consider recording a short video.

The only area for improvement is that the video doesn't cover the benefits of working for Pinterest. Make sure you talk about equal opportunity, work-life balance, and digital nomad opportunities when creating your video.

5. salesforce

Salesforce is a well-known brand within the financial software industry, but the founders understand not everyone knows what the work environment is like. This is why they focused on company culture when writing their career page.

This page also guides candidates through the application and onboarding process, so job seekers feel comfortable when applying because they know what to expect.

6. spotify

The Spotify career page is another example of diversity and inclusion. Like Netflix, this page shows a list of demographics and statistics about the variety of current employees.

But Spotify goes one step further: It states clear plans to increase diversity by targeting diverse job boards and celebrating differences.

7. rover

Rover is a website that connects you to trusted pet sitters. So when designing their career page, they used cute dog and cat pictures to grab readers' attention.

A short video also explains Rover's mission of making trusted pet sitters available worldwide, inspiring job seekers to apply.

Even though Rover has a video, they didn't neglect to mention the pros of working for their brand.

careers pages onboarding made easy with hireful.

Your career page should grab the attention of job seekers and prompt them to learn more. By building relationships with potential employees before they apply, you attract top talent and have the luxury of choosing the best and most experienced candidates. You can share what your culture is about and help prospective employees to understand this.

So if you're writing a career page, take some inspiration from the seven career page content examples mentioned above.

Consider signing up for hiring software like hireful since it allows you to attract and retain the best industry talent. We offer a full careers page offering and a multi-page careers site option all supported by our team who can help you craft the content you need to wow your future employees. 

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