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how to use linkedin recruiter lite effectively.

Employee turnover is costly – hiring the right people is crucial. In this post, we’ll show you how to use LinkedIn Recruiter Lite to attract top talent.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is specifically designed to help businesses find hard-to-reach talent; it offers a different experience from LinkedIn. You can use Recruiter Lite for all your recruiting activities while building your brand on LinkedIn.

This guide covers a seven-step process to help you use LinkedIn Recruiter Lite more effectively. 

linkedin recruiter lite pricing.

First, let’s look at pricing. 

After the LinkedIn Recruiter Lite free trial, the subscription costs £1,319 annually (as of Sept 2022). Although this may seem expensive for smaller businesses, it’s affordable compared to the entire LinkedIn Recruiter package, which sets you back approx £4,500 per year.

You also save thousands of pounds on hiring recruiters, posting job ads, and filing through applicants, which is why it’s so popular among small businesses.

You might be wondering how many jobs you can post with Linkedin Recruiter Lite. Well, this is where it stands out. Instead of waiting for applicants to apply for positions, the focus on Recruiter Lite is for you to proactively contact them. 

making linkedin recruiter lite work for you.

Now that you’ve seen how much a subscription will cost you, let’s discuss how to get the most out of LinkedIn Recruiter Lite. Remember this is all about searching and approaching passive candidates. 

step 1: create a project

Everything starts with the role you’re hoping to fill. Let’s say you need to hire an account manager. Go to the “Projects” tab at the top of the page and create a new project. This acts as a folder that organises all work for that role. Stay organised by creating a separate project for every position you recruit for.

step 2: search for a job title

Head to the LinkedIn search bar, type in the job title you’re hiring for, and use the 20+ advanced search filters to narrow down the list of candidates. 

For example, if you work for an SME and need to hire someone who is used to working in a small team or perhaps even in a one person team. you could use filters to help you target candidates working at smaller companies. You can’t use this company size filter with just a LinkedIn free account. 

step 3: set up a search alert

Once you’ve perfected and customised your search, you should set up an alert so you receive lists of qualified professionals right to your email inbox.

That way, you don’t have to log into LinkedIn every time you want to check for new talent. 

step 4: save candidates to projects

After you’ve gathered a list of prospects who would be a good fit for your open position, add them to the project you created in step one so you won’t struggle to locate saved candidates later.

For example, if you’re hiring a salesperson and a marketer, create two projects and save potential employees to their respective projects.

step 5: make use of LinkedIn’s recruiting tools

Recruiter Lite offers several ways for you to manage talent. When clicking on a profile, you’ll notice a list of options on the left which represents:

  • Updates
  • New projects
  • Tags
  • Notes
  • Attachments
  • Reminders

These tools are accessible throughout LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, so it’s easy to stay organised and data driven.

step 6: contact talent using LinkedIn InMail

LinkedIn offers a free messaging tool called InMail, which makes contacting top talent seamless. You no longer have to hunt for someone’s email address to reach them. 

Simply click on a profile and, below the qualifications, you’ll find a blue InMail icon. Select this icon, and a small window will pop up. From there, add a subject line and custom message.

This is a secure way to connect with the best and toughest-to-reach talent. 

Be sure to personalise your message so it doesn’t look like you’ve sent the same message to hundreds of applicants. Mention what stood out to you about this candidate, tell them why they should consider your company, and provide additional contact information like an email address or phone number.

Here are some tips to help increase response rates when reaching out to potential employees:

  • Use conversational greetings like “Hey” and “Hello” instead of “Dear” or “Greetings”
  • Start line 1 with your personalised message. This will help show the candidate that you have taken the time to tailor a message specifically for them rather than blast the same message at dozens of candidates. 
  • Keep your messages short, preferably between two and four paragraphs

When someone responds to your proposal, go to the messaging taskbar in the bottom right-hand corner, and you’ll be able to continue the conversation.

This form of communication is superior to email because LinkedIn Recruiter has a mobile app, so applicants will receive immediate notifications instead of having to log into their inbox every time.

step 7: use InMail analytics to increase response rates

If potential employees aren’t responding to messages, use the analytics feature to improve application rates.

For example, you’ll find the total number of messages you’ve sent, the response rate, and the number of accepted and declined offers.

So if a specific message template isn’t getting responses, you can tailor it to see what works and doesn’t. 

attracting top talent is easy with hireful.

At hireful, we’ve been training in-house recruiters and HR professionals on how to recruit via Linkedin since 1999. Training thousands of people all for free. 

The real differentiator in being able to recruit via LinkedIn is not the plan you choose to upgrade to but the skills you learn in how to search and engage passive candidates. If you are interested in upping your LinkedIn skills then check out our webinars to see when we are next running sessions on this subject.

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