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what is a candidate management system and why do you need one?

A candidate management system helps you identify the most qualified candidates for your job vacancies and automates much of the hiring processes

With few exceptions, most businesses aren’t one-man operations—you need competent staff on your side. A candidate management system is an invaluable tool that helps you acquire qualified employees. Learn how this system can help your HR department vet and recruit the best candidates.

the candidate management system explained.

A candidate management system is software that helps HR track job candidates from the application phase through to hiring and onboarding. 

how important is a candidate management system?

Here is some food for thought: the UK ranks 7th in countries with the most reported cases of hirer’s remorse. Twenty-seven percent of UK companies indicated they had lost more than £50,000 due to a bad hire. A candidate management system isn’t a magic bullet that guarantees you hire the next Steve Jobs. However, it simplifies the process and makes it easier to identify candidates based on your pre-defined prerequisites. 

the benefits of a candidate management system.

How does a candidate management system benefit your HR? Consider these benefits and features for a more efficient and time-saving recruitment process.

candidate database.

Maintain a database of qualified candidates. Not only will a candidate management system help you to search this database based on the information held in the CV and application forms of the candidates, but it should also allow you to tag candidates to highlight additional information not contained in their CV. A common tag used by hireful customers is “runner up” to show good candidates who have interviewed previously but were “pipped at the post” by a slightly stronger candidate. 

interview scheduler and candidate scores.

Automatically set interviews with candidates. During the interview, whether live or remote, use your mobile device or laptop to take notes or score candidate responses. Upon completion, easily upload scores and responses to the database. Get a bird’s-eye view of how well the candidate performed and how they did compared to other candidates. Those whose scores fall below a set threshold are automatically eliminated from the roster.

email templates.

Create acceptance/rejection emails using pre-written templates. Send out mass emails to candidates based on your established tiers. This ensures every candidate gets a response, even the ones that will not be moving forward in the application process. Create the emails once and reuse them indefinitely for future hiring cycles. If individual candidates reach out with questions, you’ll be notified in real-time on your dashboard. 


A candidate management system will log the data for your review. You’ll have all the information you need to make adjustments to your hiring processes. The system will record metrics, such as: 

  • Candidates by source (e.g., LinkedIn, Indeed, website career page)
  • Average cost per hire
  • Average time to hire
  • Onboarding course scores and completion rate

is a candidate management system right for me?

Consider investing in a candidate management system if one or more of the following pertain to your company:

  • Your company's HR department manages hiring cycles with candidates numbering in the double to triple digits.
  • You spend too much of your budget on recruitment agencies
  • You struggle to deliver the candidate experience you would want to with your existing processes

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